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deleted contacts

deleted contacts

Please add date deleted as a choice to the deleted contacts page so that list can be sorted by most recent people who are no longer on list
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In addition to the tips Hannah has posted, I wanted to let you know that last month we added a new menu option to allow you to remove selected contacts from the list you're currently viewing.


Click the name of the email list to view the contacts in that list, then select the contacts you want to remove from that list. Click the More menu and click Remove from Email List. In the example I've pasted below, this will let me remove the selected contacts from the Food & dining news email list.


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Hi! I can't find where this is implemented and a rep told me that it hasn't yet been made live. Can someone confirm that it is live and if so how to remove a group of contacts in bulk from a list (like in the former system of copy/pasting emails or uploading a spreadsheet with the email addresses you want to remove). Thank you!


Hi Karen,

I apologize for the confusion. I think we may be getting mixed up on the term "remove". With the updates there is no more remove option. You can delete contacts from your list or your account and add them back as you please. You can also unsubscibe a contact and prevent yourself from reimporting them. This is the same status a contact puts themseleves in when they opt out of your future emails. 


This thread was marked implemeted because after claifying, it seems like most people wanted to be able to bulk unsubscribe people. This was made available to help with this.  You do have to turn it on as a setting before being able to use it, here's how:


1. Click "My Settings" and under "Contact Settings" select "Enable advanced email permissions", click Save.

2. Click the Contacts tab of your account.

3. Click the Gold "Add Contacts" button and then choose "Add unsubscribed from a file". 

4. Choose your file and click continue

5. Map your data to the correct field, IE label email address, name, etc.

6.Click continue, add tags if necessary and click "Import"


You will need to confirm that you are importing these contacts to be unsubscribed, they will never be considered "Active" in your account.


There is not an option to upload a list of contacts to remove from another list like there used to be but you can complete these same actions from the "Add to Lists" screen. You will just want to go into one of the lists, select all, click "Add to lists" and uncheck the second list the contacts are in. This doesn't sound like what you are looking to do right now but I wanted to clarify.


Hope this helps. 

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Hello, Thank you for your feedback. Are you referring to moving contacts between lists? Meaning deleting person from one list and then adding to another? I'm a little unclear of what this is referring to. If this is the case, here is a resource that may be helpful:
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I would like it to come back. I would like to remove all of the bogus email addresses that we added as a work-around to event marketing when we want to manually add people to our attendees who didn't have email addresses. Right now I'm forced to do it one at a time. Pretty time consuming.
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Deleted contacts and Unsubscribed contacts are showing up in searches. Very confusing. Also previously they had the ability to mark contacts as permanently deleted or remove from list (can be added back). Now it appears that all deleted contacts are considered unsubscribed (permanently deleted).
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I am reviewing my list and I cannot delete contacts who are no longer valid.


Also, I was trying to download a list to review and there is no option for that. I am a volunteer and do NOT have any time to spend on this.

How is the best way to do this?

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This has gone away? Yikes. I use CC one month every year and I rely on being able to subtract contacts on one list from other lists. Tell me that this isn't so.


UPDATE: Phew! I'm lucky I still have the old contact management system. So, I can remove a list of email addresses on a sub-list from a Master List. Thank goodness. I really really need that. I hope they don't "update" my account anytime soon.