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deleted contacts

deleted contacts

Please add date deleted as a choice to the deleted contacts page so that list can be sorted by most recent people who are no longer on list
CTCT Employee

When you are viewing a list and select a contact to delete, there is no option to delete them from just that list or all lists like we used to have. Can that be added back?

Status changed to: New

Hi Amber,

This option was removed when you check a contact and use the delete function but there is a way around it. Instead of clicking delete, check the contact and then click "Add to Email Lists". This will allow you to remove contacts from a specific list instead of deleting them from the account. There's an FAQ that goes into more detail if you would like to take a look:


Please vote on this if you too are looking for this feature. Any feedback on the workaround is appreciated!


I need to be able to delete all contacts from one list.  That option is no longer available.  I do NOT like this.  I am not going to remove contacts from a list one at a time so please do not suggest that.  I do not have time do it that way.  I work for a membership based organization.  Our membership changes on a daily basis.  I usually update our General Membership list in our Constant Contact account twice a month.  I MUST be able to remove all contacts from just one list without all the contacts being removed from our account completely.  Some of the contacts need to stay on our account because they are in other lists.  I have to import an updated email list to our General Membership list in Constant Contact to ensure that those members who left are no longer receiving our emails and have been removed.  I think Constant Contact needs to combine features from both the old setup and the new setup.  This way does not work.  It is not easy anymore.  Now I have to go back and fix my other lists because contacts were removed from them when I deleted the contacts from our General Membership list.  :smileysad:

Occasional Contributor

Agree with you guys. I just tried to update a list and remove about 5 contacts from one list... no way to do that except individually. Much more time consuming. =(

CTCT Employee

There is a function in Constant Contact to "move" contacts from one lists to another instead of just copying them.  First go to the list and either select all the contacts or just a handful.  From there click on the add to email lists and then you should see an overlay.  In the overlay the original list you are in should be checked off, if you don't want the contacts in that list anymore uncheck it then check your desired list.  This will remove the contacts from the original list and add them to the list that is checked off.

New Member

I also would like to delete a list of contacts rather deleting them individually.


Thanks for your feedback, Yvette!

All Star

It would be helpful if there was a more direct way to delete individuals from email lists. Clicking on "Add To Email Lists" and then unchecking to delete seems counter-intuitive and can be confusing.

Regular Visitor

I need to be able to delete all contacts from one list but not all the others. I appreciate the workaround, but it is not clear that that is how to do it. Have a remove from list option under More Actions would make a lot more sense.

CTCT Employee

Thanks for the feedback, please continue to vote if you agree!