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I just read in the release notes that you are removing the option to delete only the list and not the contacts. Why would you do this? There was already an option to choose to delete the names if you wanted to but you could also keep the names. Since you can not send an email to a group of people without creating an email list removing the ability to delete the list and save the names is taking a step backward in functionality. 


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I hadn't heard about this but see it as a huge problem. I guess you are trying to switch people over to tags, but those are not working in accounts with large numbers of subscribers in the third gen editor. What gives???

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Hello @LPGAAmateursNYC and @JulieL34,


Thank you for bringing this up. The reason for the change was to prevent an account from having contacts that are being active and billed but not on any lists, therefore not receiving email communications. The functionality works in a similar way:

If any contacts on the list you're deleting are on other lists, they will remain on other lists without being affected.

If any contacts on the list you're deleting are not on any other lists, they get deleted from the account to prevent from being counted as a billable contact.

Here's some more information on the new method:


Is there a different way you'd like to see this functioning?

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The option to either delete the list only or the list and the contacts has been brought back, therefore this is fixed.

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