duplicate contacts and script issues

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We have duplicate contacts from uploading contacts to CC. We believe CC would remove any duplicate email address, but apparently it has not. This is a huge problem since those contacts now relieve our emails more than once...(and sometimes unsubscribe!) Suggestion: You need to add "Merge Contacts" option. Where we could merge different contacts that have the same email address, the lists they are on will also merge automatically. Exporting contacts, cleaning the file and importing back again is such a hassle specially when you have to find the lists they're on. Not something any company would enjoy. Also, now that I'm working on cleaning our contact list. A script box pops up, and causes issues with the website. Eventually it will go back to the main page I've set before hand and NOT complete the task. I have tried stop script, continue and debug(?) but it all came back again.

Thanks for posting, JonM2. I can understand the need for a merge contacts option in this case.


You're right, we no longer prevent you from having a duplicate contact in the account but the functionality to only have them get one email is the same. If you are sending to multiple lists at once with the duplicate contacts on those lists they would only get one copy. The exception to this rule is if the contacts have different pieces of primary information. First name, last name, email address or social profile.


To help moving forward, can you tell me more about how you are importing so we can determine the best way to prevent duplicates?

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