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exclude tags when sending

exclude tags when sending

I see that we can limit the people on a list who receive an email by picking specific tags to send to. But is there going to be the ability to exclude tags? meaning ' i want to send to everyone on this list EXCEPT the 'platinum donors' tag' for instance
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I was trying to send a message to all but 50 of my contacts; the 50 share a tag. I called, and the person I worked with was extremely helpful and found a back-door solution. Very complicated and time-consuming. And definitely something the average user, I think, would think about doing.


How about a feature when you 'narrow the list' of recipients? In addition to selecting recipients by tag, how about excluding recipients by tag?

Since I host events all the time, I don't want to keep bombarding people with emails once they have signed up. It would be best for me to tag the ones who have signed up and then when I go to send out an email I can exclude that group.
Right now, I am able to narrow down my list with tags, but what I really need is to exclude certain tags or lists. For example. I host events on behalf of our company. For those who sign up, I don't want to keep bombarding them with emails, so it would be nice to simply exclude them when I send out the email. Here's another example, I send out emails as part of my upsell campaigns to my current clients. Some of my clients have both a website and a mobile website. If I want to send an email out to my clients who have a website, then I would want to exclude the ones who have a mobile website. See how remarkable this little exclusion tool would be?!? Please, please, please work on this! It would be SO BENEFICIAL to all the marketers out there to help reduce the amount of emails going out and more than likely reduce the amount of unsubscribes and spam reports.
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I have a members list. I'd like to retain where we got those members using tags (i.e. Ohio Conference 2014). But if I'm sending a fundraising email to our members, I want to be able to exclude members from that list because I don't want the first email they receive to be an ask for money. Sending to our member list and EXCLUDING tags would be nice. Would also be relevant emailing our supporters list, but excluding XYZ states because they don't face the same legislative issues we're emailing about at the moment.
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I agree that an option for "advanced tag management" is needed and would be of greatest benefit to CC users with extremely large contact lists.


What if the ATM screen had options for the following:

  1. toggle to include/exclude x AND y when condition z = false
  2. toggle for include/exclude x when condition z = true
  3. toggle for include/exclude all except x when condition z = true/false ( z should allow for a specification of a numeric value for total # of tags AND/OR selection of specifically names tags)
  4. stop processing criteria checkbox (to identify the last logic to be used to create current send to list)
  5. priority ranking to designate the order the criteria should be considered
  6. a timing field for resends that can be set for criteria that should run on a resend - i.e. resend 2 wks after original send date should use criteria # n (so those that responded or paid don't get a reminder 2 wks after the original send)
  7. way to flag all settings on the page and save it as a set of "favorite" or custom criteria (that can get a meaningful name by the CC user)...i.e. ALL except platinum - 1st send, or ALL except platinum - 2nd send, or ALL except platinum without responses, or ALL except platinum with responses, etc. This would be a huge timesaver when considering advanced logic arguments - especially if the favorite could be copied, given a new name, and tweaked rather than starting over from scratch when creating similar ATM logic arguments with slightly different criteria.

I don't know what programming language CC uses, but I picture this feature working like a user friendly SQL query to fine tune contact selection.

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I'm 100% on board with the "exclude tag" idea. Similar to some of the posters above, we send out emails reminding people to sign up for our events, etc., and once they sign up, I don't want to include those people anymore. Currently I have to create separate tags for "signed up" and "not signed up", where I put everyone on the "not signed up" list and then remove from that list. This adds extra steps to my list management and more room for error.
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Most of the issue and comment is relevant to me.

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Really taking much longer time.

Currently, I can only select contacts who are part of a list - I can then qualify it further by contacts who have specific flags set. The system should be modified to allow you to include contacts based on, not only the presence of a flag, but also the absence of a flag. e.g. send this to everyone on the Students list who DOES NOT have the flag AttendedCourse101 but DOES have the flag CommuterStudent.
How about an exclude option? Here's what I mean: When I'm sending an offer to list A, I would like to exclude everyone who is also on list B from receiving the offer. It would be nice if, when I'm choosing which lists to send an email to, I could also have the option to exclude anyone who also appears on other lists.