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exclude tags when sending

exclude tags when sending

I see that we can limit the people on a list who receive an email by picking specific tags to send to. But is there going to be the ability to exclude tags? meaning ' i want to send to everyone on this list EXCEPT the 'platinum donors' tag' for instance
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Thanks for your feedback about the use of Tags. We've heard some feedback about "excluding" tags but you gave a great example of how filtering would help! Thanks again.

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I would like to keep a master list and be able to exclude chose tags, rather than only being able to send to specific tags, because I have some people who cross over and if they are tagged with multiple things, there are instances in which I would rather exclude them so they can receive different messaging. Can it be made possible to narrow a list down by both inclusion and exclusion of a tag? Thank you!
Dear CC developers, My company uses CC to invite various lists to our webinars. We send invites 3 weeks out, 2 weeks out, 1 week out, one day out. Each time I send my invitations, I want to exclude the names that have already signed up for my webinar. No sense reminding them to join when they have already signed up, right. So instead of creating master lists, exclusion tags, inclusion tags, etc. What would be nice is a very feature where I simply pick the lists I invite, then a field that says, EXCLUDE these email addresses from your invite...then send. Voila! Fast and easy to exclude names just for that invitation. After each invite, the exclusion list grows because more people register for the event as it gets closer. As they register, I add them to my exclusion list for each reminder email I send. That's it. Please consider this feature request...please! The way to accomplish this now is frankly a pain in the butt. Thanks!
I would like to suggest a new function for an "omit tag."
As of now, a user can tag various contacts within a contact list to a specific category. In the send stage of an e-blast, the user can choose the tag category to narrow down contacts being sent to. You know this already!
By adding the "omit tag" option, any contact tagged would (of course!) be omitted from the contact list. This would be really helpful when there are just a few names on a contact list that the user does not want to include. Right now the alternative is tagging more people, or even making a separate list altogether to keep all the right contacts together, which is much less convenient.
Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!
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Would like to be able to exclude email contacts from time to time from recieving next email blast. There are blasts that do not pertain to certain companies on our lists.
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I had this ability when I used as an email platform and I think it would be beneficial in Constant Contact: When I am choosing a list of contacts to send an email to, I should also be able to select another list or add in names of contacts that I would NOT want the email going to that may be on the sending list. For example, companies could send a special new customer offer to a list generated at an event but then select to NOT send it to contacts listed in a "Customer" list as they may not be eligible for the offer and receiving the email may be upsetting.

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Recently we sent out a mailing and I wanted to send an electronic version to people who didn't get the hard copy. For us, our members have been added in different lists and sometimes they are also a volunteer or end up in another list. It is relatively easy for me to get the emails of those who received the hard copy from our database and then I would like the ability to say exclude these emails, but email it to the rest. Currently the only way to do something like this is to either remove all the emails or tag everyone that I would like it to be sent to. I think an exclusion feature would be really helpful! We sent several mailings this way and it would be nice to follow up with the other folks via email.


Thank you for considering this request! 

I've seen plenty of posts regarding Constant Contacts lack of suppression list functionality, dating back years! It seems to me very strange that CC has not provided this functionality even though almost every other email system offers it. It's not like CC isn't aware of this hole in their system, or that they have not had enough user requests for it as I've seen countless user requests and they always get the same response from CC "here's a multi-step, inconvenient and time consuming workaround because we are too lazy to create the feature that everyone is clamoring for." It's like a car company selling a car that only turns left and when you ask for them to add the right turning feature you get "just turn left three times in order to make your right turn." It's ridiculas and will be the reason that we will soon drop CC for another system.


Hello @VladimirC156


Thank you for passing along your feedback. I have moved your post to our feedback area within the Community. By having your comments within this section of the Community it will be seen by our product teams and gets counted as a "vote" for this idea within the product.  Any updates that are made to this idea will also be posted here as well. 





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