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Denise D on chat helped a lot. The help page "Use QuickSend to Resend a Campaign Email" is clear, but seems incomplete. It has a 3-step get-started item, and then ends. For duffers like me, the rest of the steps would be helpful. Such as... 4. [After selecting the contact(s)] Use the More Actions pull-down.

5. Choose QuickSend

6. From the pull-down list, choose the message you want and click SEND.

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Thank you for the feedback @JohnP85thDiv!


I'm glad Denise was able to help you!  I'm taking a look at our help page and I'm seeing steps 4-6 that detail the next steps.  Are you unable to see these steps?  They have images with them, so it's possible that's making it hard to see steps 4, 5, and 6.




Let me know!



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