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Hello, We have a subscriber who is blind and unable to read the emails she gets from Constant Contact. I learned from a chat with your support team that it is a known issue that Constant Contact is not fully compliant with Section 504 or 508 for the handicapped and that "there is nothing we can do for Jaws or any of the screen readers. ...Our HTML is not normal, so the reader will often skip about or not be able to recognize the content." Though we would much prefer to stay with Constant Contact, we are a public institution and our materials need to be accessible. There are many other units on our campus who are currently using Constant Contact who will have similar issues. Thank you for your attention to this important issue.
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Thank you for posting, I understand how this would be frustrating for you and your readers. 


We're in the same boat. We may need to change vendors if there's no plan to make emails 504/508 compliant.

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Our mailing list primarily consists of individuals affected by a disability or associated with someone who has a disability, including many with vision disorders. As a public instituion, it is imperative that our email campaigns be accessible to all subscribers. We, too, will have to utilize another vendor if this issue cannot be rectified.

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I see this is from 2014, has there been any new information on this? 


My other concern is the Email PDFs I download. I have the ability to make PDFs handicap accessible and am willing to do that myself, but the problem is, when I go to create the tags, instead of the header (for example) saying "Letter from the President", instead the tag reads it as all garbled. It's not just headers, but the entire document. 


I've never had this issue on any other PDFs i've done. 

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Would also like an update on this issue please.

I'm having trouble too. The inline sign up form is not accessible right now, so I can't place it on our website. How frustrating!