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today I spent many hours typing clients into a multiple entry list. I was called away to help some clients, when I came back to the screen it said I had timed out, but that my work had been saved automatically. But, these contacts almost 50 new entries are no where to be found!!! Yikes, this is absolutely a disaster. What can you do about it?
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I am very sorry to hear this happened. Unfortunately the account will timeout for security. WIll you often be adding a couple of contacts at a time over long periods? If so, something like the Contact Capture tool might work for you. You would be able to add one or two contacts without logging into your account everytime, check it out!

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I just had the same experience as That is an unbelievable poor policy choice. I would expect that when I log in after a timed out session, I would be brought back to the screen that I was working on, namely the screen with the 30, or so entries that I had just spent so much time on. Can you explain why that is not the case? People have emergencies and do not remember to save before they leave the screen. I very much resent being penalized for a momentary lapse. I strongly recommend fixing this problem. It is very bad customer relations.


I also just lost around 40 entries- 2 hours of work, when a family member had an emergency I had to stop and go help with. I wasn't gone long but when I came back all my entries were lost.  Shame on you, Constant Contact.  This obviously is an issue that you have not chosen to deal with.


Hello @SusanPascalBeran. I'm sorry to hear this happened. Contact entry screens are set to time out at 30 minutes of inactivity for account security.

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