making it easier to search for contacts copied from Outlook

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Hi this is a small improvement suggestion - something fairly small but happens many times to me and many people I imagine!

I receive an e-mail from someone saying their e-mail address has changed, can I update my records.

So I have to go to CC 'contacts', and enter the person's e-mail address, and search for it.

But CC only finds a contact if it is entered precisely.

When a contact is copied directly from Outlook, it is in a format like

Anwarudin <>

As soon as I paste it into your box, your system starts looking for it, and can't find it, because the address in your system is

I delete the Anwarudin < and then the system starts searching again but still can't find it because of the > at the end.

The workaround is to paste the e-mail into notepad, manually remove everything apart from the e-mail address and search, but that is a hassle.

I would imagine you could fairly easily write software which would only search for an address within the < >

Cheers Karl


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Hi @karljeffery thanks for sharing your feedback on this! We have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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