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many duplicates

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many duplicates

Is there a way to merge two contact files without losing information or having to retype (going back and forth) and then delete one of the files
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Thanks for posting. If you are adding a file of contacts there isn't a way to merge duplicates. If you are adding one contact at a time you will see a popup to merge duplicates instead of adding the contact a second time. Can you tell me more about which technique you are using to add contacts to the account?

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This isn't about when we ADD a file of contacts. This is about contacts already in our in account.


Before the big update, the data was all email address-driven. One email address, one contact.


So now I have existing contacts that I need to merge and I do not want to lose the history of any email address. I.e., one email list import included one email address and a different import used a different email address for that same contact. So it imported the information as a second contact and now there are two contact records in the database for the same contact - one for each email address with its own history. This has happened multiple times in the past since the software was email address driven.

Now I have contacts that need to be merged/combined but I don't want to lose the history for any email address.

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