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Due to an issue with YouTube, inserting videos in your emails is showing an error. Until they are able to resolve this issue, we recommend using a different video hosting service. We will continue to monitor this outage and update you as we have more information.

need to specify groups for EACH individual person

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need to specify groups for EACH individual person

There is no way to see the list of who we JUST added from google and there is no way to delegate email groups to EACH INDIVIDUAL contact that we enter, it seems to be an all or none option right now. We need to select which contacts go into which email groups straight away. Now, I have to go through google contacts and back and forth to constant contact to make sure each person is in the correct email groups!
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Thanks for posting this feedback. When you refer to groups are you referring to lists that exist in your account? Just want to make sure I'm understanding the process. 


Unfortunately the automatic Gmail integration will no longer function due to a Google update so the workaround at this time is to manually export and import to Constant Contact. 

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