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I just noticed I have 1200 contacts stored in my account that I never use. I am not sure how this happened, perhaps by erasing the list, but not the contacts and now the only way to get rid of them is one by one. So what really might help is to know the last time the contact was used, not when I first used it. Who cares when the first time I used it was! If I could quickly see, in a list view, the date of last use, I could check the box next to it, go down the list quickly, and eliminate everyone I don't email anymore. Right now, unless I am understanding this incorrectly, I have to research every single contact to see what list it was part of, and if it is still active. If I am right, then this sort of stinks!
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Thanks for posting this feedback, @daveb604. Have you tried clicking on "Contacts" on the left and exporting the list of your contacts? This would show you "Updated" date as well as the lists contacts are part of so you would be able to determine which haven't been used.

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