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This new layout is far slower to add new customers to CC, for me, who adds new customers everyday, this extra time adds up. Is there an option I can select for the old layout, such as "Windows", the control panel you have the option of viewing the "Classic View" or new layout. The old lay out was a lot more fluid, the way I could work across the screen, cut and paste an email address, type in their first / last name and click add, which then asked what mailing list I would like to add them too, So much more fluid and intuitive, if I wanted to switch the type of info entered in the boxes, all I had to do is use the drop down menu above said boxes. I appreciate the effort here but think this can be done better, greater fluidity and more intuitive layout. Thank you for the feed back opportunity, it's a huge deal for me, like I mentioned, I use your site and this feature everyday, multiple times a day.
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Thanks for this feedback, Rob. We know there is a lot to learn with the new layout and the features available are meant to make keeping all of your contacts and all of their information easier. You can now have contacts without email addresses or contacts with detailed information. Is there one part of the process you are feeling like takes the longest? I would be happy to try to come up with the best process for you to use if you would like.
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