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Why do I need to learn API token keys, access codes, make API calls, and all this rubbish when I"m paying C/C? I'm supposed to be running my business. You're supposed to be running yours. All I want is a pop-up form for my site. This is the standard practice for every email service on the planet (even some free ones)...except maybe C/C. This is not acceptable.


Hi @ErelB62

I am sorry for the confusion. Constant Contact offers a sign up form (with link) you can use or the embeddable code. If you wanted a more custom form we do suggest using an API or third party source on your specific website. 

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Thank you for your response. I can build a link to the sign up form but why should I pay C/C for an email service that I have to mess around with just to get a sign-up form on my site? Everyone (Aweber, GetResponse, etc) has a bunch of options for sign-up forms.

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