problems with blocks containing photos and text

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I would love to have the option to add a block that could contain a photo on one side and text on the other with a spacer between them. I know you have "content w image" but there is no separation so the image controls the layout of the text. I can send a test message to myself and it looks fine, but if I send the same test to my boss, it will look different on her computer and the text will wrap around under the photo.
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Thank you for the great feedback @MelanieH536


I took a look at the layout of the newsletters you are sending, and I think it might be worthwhile for you to try out our new editor.  I think this would help you accomplish some of the formatting you are going for.  If you are interested in being switched over, let me know!

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Since we have not heard back from you in about a year, we will be closing this out. If there is still a request please create a new post.

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