"Delete the list and contacts" does not work.

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I deleted multiple lists and selected "Delete the lists and contacts" but the contacts were not deleted from my account. They remained listed under "Active" contacts. Joslin helped me find another way to delete them, but it was unnerving to do it that way because I didn't want to inadvertently delete more contacts than the ones that were on the deleted lists. Does that make sense? This option needs to work or customers could incur additional billing charges. Thanks.

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Hi @MichelleJ509. I hope I can provide some clarification here. The prompt of "Delete the list and contacts" will remove contacts who only belonged to that selected list. If a contact on that list also belonged to a different list, they would not be deleted from your account. If you wanted to remove all contacts on a list, no matter if they belonged to a different list, you would follow these steps.


I completely understand how this prompt could be misunderstood and I appreciate you letting us know. I'll send your feedback over to our teams.

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