"Import failed" message offers no details about WHY

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Just tried importing contacts from an Excel spreadsheet file, adding them to an existing list of contacts in our CC account. The import failed, but the reason for the failure is not cited. That makes it rather difficult to take any steps that might resolve the problem and enable a subsequent import to succeed.
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Had to go to Constant Contact Status to see that there's a problem. Why not tell me on the site itself, so I can stop trying for awhile - and not waste time while you're fixing it.
Why I couldn't upload contacts through excel. It is always failed

Hi @SusanL737 and @cwhs

I am sorry to hear you are running into this issue. We'er working to get this resolved ASAP. At this time there are a couple of things to test. 


First, please check to make sure you do not have any single quotes in your file. If you do, try removing them and then uploading.


If your file has no quotes included please try breaking the file down to a smaller number of contacts before importing again.


We will update this thread when this is resolved or you are welcome to follow live updates here: https://status.constantcontact.com/

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Yesterday I tried to to import an Excel list of about 2700 names - I do this every week. After several failed attempts, your chat service contact had me email the list to her & she could not get it to work either. She said that her Tier 2 team was trying to work on it. Then I needed to leave, so I tried this morning to import the list & it is still failing. I have never had this problem until yesterday. Can anyone offer some suggestions?

HI @OutlookWealthAdvisors

We're working to get this resolved ASAP. Keep an eye on the status page for updates or we will update this thread with more information when we can. 

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Hi, Hannah_M. Our Excel spreadsheet file is just a newly generated version of a database list that we have uploaded before without problems. The file format is .XLSX, and contains 14,742 people's names and email addresses, some of which do contain single quotation marks as apostrophes. We should not have to delete the single quotation marks, especially given that removing them from email addresses would make those addresses invalid.


I tried splitting the one large file into smaller files of 5,000 or less, but importing from the first of those files has also failed. Just as before, the failure message offers no details at all regarding the reason for the failure. Your system must have logs that record these errors. Why can't your failure message cite the quantity and nature of the problems causing the import to fail?


Someone at ConstantContact obviously changed something in the code or settings of your importing process. I would strongly suggest that you try comparing the current code and settings to archived system backups so that you can find the problematic changes and correct or remove them. Seeing the repeated pop-ups promoting upcoming improvements in your import process, I am reminded of the old adage: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

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UPDATE: Looking around at other recent posts here, I see that another CC user was advised to downsize the list of contacts they were trying to import to somewhere between 200 and 500. I started the time-consuming process of breaking down our list of over 14,700 entries into smaller files in an attempt to import our new list in installments. I was able to import a list of 200 entries, and then a list of 350, followed by a list of 400 -- but importing a list of the next 420 entries failed, as did my subsequent attempt to import just 400 again.


That workaround is not effective, in addition to which we would have to squander a huge amount of time in dividing our entire list into more than 70 lists of 200 entries.


Hi @SusanL737

It sounds like it might be unrelated to this problem then. Can you email us the file in question so we can take a look? Please include your username, a reference to this post and any details we need to know about the file. For example, if you want the contacts put into a specific list let us know!



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UPDATE (June 10, 2015) -- It appears that the CC technical staff have indeed managed to resolve the problems that were preventing us from uploading our contacts list for the past 2 days. I just successfully uploaded the same Excel spreadsheet of names and email addresses that we were unable to import, and I did so without having made any changes to its contents. Here's hoping that no similar problems are introduced again through subsequent code updates.

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