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reduced functionality

I used to be able to download and print the email history for a specific contact, as i noted in my help request case #09690495 but that function is now gone replaced with the "engagement" tab. You removed a key function for me. In my industry I often need to be able to reference or show proof that someone opened or received the email notices we send. It does not seem like I can download or print the engagement record so it’s pretty useless.
Status changed to: New
Thanks for sharing this feedback, I apologize for the frustrations!
Hello - It would be great if two new features could be added to Contacts for easier navigation & management: 1) A drag and drop feature - giving users the ability to drag a contact from the Active/All list to a named email list. 2) Add an "Email Lists" column in the contacts list view allowing users to quickly see which email list(s) a contact has been added vs. going through them individually or having to export. Thanks for considering!
Managing bounced emails has become more difficult. I prefer the functionality of being able to sort the bounces by a field of my choosing (i.e. company name), review the reason, print a report without exporting and waiting. Wish you'd just go back to the system pre-"upgrade".
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