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I am trying to search a contact by a detail of their email or last name, all of which I could select for in your old template, but this feature seems to have disappeared. Where is it? How am I supposed to do a detailed search now in your system?
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Hi @AndrewK51122 at this time our updated contact management search tool can only search for addresses that 'begins with' or 'ends with' the search detail entered. It is a feature request we are tracking to have the ability of searching for contacts the way you have described. Because of this we have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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Anyone else hate the new update to contacts?  the search field is now basically useless.  you can no longer search a partial for anything.  you need to enter the entire domain name, including .com  I used to put in a partial name or a partial company name in the search field and anything with that letter configuration would show up.  now you need the entire last name and have to drop down and select name.  or you have to put the entire domain and drop down and select domain.  a quick contacts search is no longer an option.  CONSTANT CONTACT DEVELOPERS - IF YOU ARE LISTENING - PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD SEARCH CAPABILITIES OF A PARTIAL ACROSS ALL FIELDS.  


Hi Frankie -

There's now a dropdown list for choosing how to search (name, company - etc).  The previous version with just one search box that found anything from any data field was great....  Thanks. 


Hi @Electra7 thank you for sharing this feedback with us! The original thread you posted on was a general thread on our updated contact management dashboard. Because you are specifically speaking of the ability to search contacts with partial details I have merged your post into the appropriate thread on this feature request.

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