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reports of sent/unopened etc

Hello, Please make your contacts reporting default to alphbetical order when listing the email names. Even when sorting by last name, first name, etc. does not put them in alpha order. Any time looking at a report of contacts who have read an email, not read an email, or the contact list in general does not sort and sometimes starts with a random letter - in the last instance it's been the letter C even though there are As & Bs on the list, they appear further down the report and can be intermixed with other letters. I'd like to repeat that your sorting option does not work. Thank you.

Hi Liz,


Thank you for supplying your feedback to us. It is very important, and we highly value your opinion. We are currently looking closely at the process of sorting reports, and seeing what adjustments can be made to get you some more functionality with that. In the mean time, please continue to vote for the changes that you want to see made inside of the account. As always, don't hesitate to let us know any time you have questions, more information, or any feedback to give us! Don't forget, you can call our support team seven days a week at 866-289-2101.

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