unable to sort by last name

With the new format I am unable to sort by last name and this is a huge issue for me. Sorting by last name was the main tool that I used in managing my contacts. I also don't link that there is only 50 contacts per page...it takes much longer to stroll to the bottom of the page to move forward. It would be greatly appreciated if we could sort by last name as we have in the past!!!

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I figured out that you can sort by "Last Name" by selecting the arrows next to the Name column.  Still not a fan of the new layout.

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Hi Brenda, Thanks for your feedback. You're right, you can sort using the arrows in the column headers and this selection will stick for next time but there is not a way to view more per page. Can you tell me more about how/what you are looking to do when you view your contacts? I would like to understand how we can make this easier for you. Have you tried searching using the search box in the upper right? I've found this helpful when looking for a specific contact to move or edit. Thanks for your help.
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