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It would be nice to have a tool that shows in a common list, if and how many times the contacts open the email in a range of time. I found only the possibility to look through each contact, and in this way it's difficult to go through the whole list in order to delete the contacts which are in since a long time and that don't open the email, although their email is still existent. Do you have such a tool? thank you
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Thank you for the feedback @LetiziaZ,


While we do not have a feature built into the product for this, the following knowledgebase article may be helpful for you to remove the contacts you are looking to remove: https://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/5289-the-did-not-open-report


Hope that helps!


The article you refer to is not very useful information unless you want to go after contacts who did not open a specific campaign.  I think 



To use email marketing efficiently we need this information, otherwise we are left with the shotgun approach to marketing that overloads every contact with too many campaigns that may not be in their interest and causes them to unsubscribe.


Thank you for the additional insight @DaveR7,


I definitely understand your feedback and agree. 


Would it be more important to you as a marketer to have a way to re-engage the did not opens, or tools to keep your engaged customers even happier?


The FAQ that I linked to can be helpful if you compile the data across campaigns.  If you create one list that is 'Did not opens' and add the did not opens for multiple campaigns it will de-dupe and give you a list based on which campaigns you choose to do it with.  I know this isn't an ideal workaround as it can be time consuming, but it will allow you to see who is engaged and who isn't. 


Hi Patrick,

Both opens and 'Did not opens' are important. At this stage for us, it is the unopens (is that a word?) that we want to identify. The problem with unopens is ensuring that they indeed are not opening something we have sent.

Contacts that never open can be sent a specific campaign designed entirely with one focus, on being opened.

A contact that never opens is treated differently than a contact that opens 1 out of ten or twenty campaigns. If we could track the infrequent opener, then send only campaigns specific to their interests, that would be a big help and we would receive fewer unsubscribes.


I have used your technique of creating the 'Did not opens' list. It's very time consuming, and while it is helpful for the unopeners, it is of little value for identifying the infrequent opener's campaign likes (unless you have a trick up your sleeve you would like to share.


Thanks for listening


t is more important to see a contacts engagement where they do not open most campaigns but do open some.


Thanks for the clarification @DaveR7,


I definitely understand the feedback, and understand how helpful it would be to have these kinds of reports.


As far as any tricks up my sleeve, I unfortunately don't have one that can be done within Constant Contact.  However, it is possible to get a report of how many times contacts have opened using Excel.  What you'd want to do is export the opens report for the number of campaigns you wanted to look at.  If you combine those reports in excel and use a pivot table you should be able to see the number of opens per contact.


It's not the best workaround, but it would work!


Hope that's helpful, and if you want more details, let me know!

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