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No matter how small I make my square logo your oblong area for the logo only shows the upper half of my logo. Not interested in only showing half my logo.
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Sorry to hear you're having trouble with this feature.  It sounds to me like you may be running into a bug with our product.


When you look at the live version of your sign up form does the logo look correct?  You may be running into an issue with the preview tool.

I'm trying to create a new sign up landing page and uploaded our new logo but can't get it to fit without looking "cut off" at the bottom when I preview the form. I don't have issues with this in other places, what do I need to do to make it fit??
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hello @NicoleJ590 ,

Are you using our Landing Page option for your sign up form? The recommended size for your logo on this form is 300x100 pixels. If it isn't, you will want to resize the the dimensions of your logo in the library and then use the new one for your form. 

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