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Direct Marketing Mail and Email will help you attract and retain customers...

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Let’s face it, attracting more customers, is not only a revenue builder, it’s another way to keep your marketing strategies, sharp and up-to-date.

Look closer at your current direct marketing strategies. Are marketing resources allocated optimally to the major elements of the marketing mix? Is your company using the best basis for marketing segmentation? Have you developed accurate profiles of each target segment?

If you are a new company, you may add a market penetration strategy, for your present product, having a goal of obtaining X number of customers, per a given time.

If your company is past the growing strain, you should consider a market expansion goal with your direct marketing strategy.

Encouraging people to buy now using the emotion of fear.

While it is true that people buy a product because they want to look better, often they buy it because they don’t want to look bad.

Similarly, people often buy a product because they want to feel better. But often they buy it because they don’t want to feel bad.

And people often buy a product because they want to feel safe. But often they buy it because they don’t want to be at risk.

Recruiting new customers.

The task of locating and recruiting new customers is an essential activity for every business. So, it stands to reason that you spend a great deal of your time attempting to attract the attention of viable prospects and make an initial sale.

Sometimes, however, there’s a tendency to concentrate so heavily on seeking new customers that we often overlook the ones we already have. That’s why it’s so vitally important to make sure you divide your direct marketing dollars appropriately between the two activities.

Let’s say you’re at a business or social networking event. You are confident in finding potential customers to meet. So, what’s a good opening line?

You need a good opening line to make people pause. The same is true with direct marketing. In fact, you need two opening lines. The first one helps you make eye contact – to attract attention. The second one delivers your payoff – that is, the benefit your prospect receives. So, think of your opening line as having two parts. There’s the “what it is” part and the “how it benefits” part.

The articles in this new issue of Direct Marketing Success are ready to help you acquire new customers, and get your existing customers to buy more. 

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I have owned and operated a variety of businesses during my thirty plus years as an entrepreneur. Being a SMB, I have engaged with others to learn and understand how each one was operated. I have had an inquisitive mind my whole life. I have an associate degree in science, completed an apprentice program in carpentry, studied design at another college and received a four year degree in Marketing, and added a few post graduate classes as well. SMB's have used direct marketing and mail as their main channel of communications for many years. Now the swing of the pendulum of marketing has led many to the latest trends in digital marketing. Data drives all forms of marketing communication. However, raw data must be analyzed, segmented, profiled, measured and tested to make the data useful to marketing. Great direct marketing mail processing is like peeling an onion. There are many layers you unfold to get your desired results. The process is easy to understand, and once you learn it, you’ll see what the phrase, “a labor of love” really means. If you have a goal to learn more about your customers from each communication, you will see positive results stemming from each subsequent mailing. The people who complain the loudest about their results when using direct marketing mail is usually those that did not follow the process. Not following the process is like the baker who missed using the correct amount of yeast in a recipe for bread. She wasted a lot of dough. Learning and having the techniques and fundamentals of direct marketing is a valuable skill to have today. Direct marketing mail helps a SMB focus more on results while listening and learning what their customers want. What makes me different? I’m motivated to help every one of my customers use the right tools to meet their goals. In the present digital age, marketing coupled with technology is a skill set now in high demand. I have always embraced the use of technology with marketing.

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