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One of the reasons direct marketing is such a robust marketing medium is that it gives you the ability to test and adjust increasing your return on investment. While there is a lot of creativity that goes into writing and designing mail, testing should be a careful and disciplined process.

Here are a few ideas to assure that you are testing properly and reaping the rewards of more effective and efficient direct and digital marketing.

Always be testing.

Every time you are in the throes of a digital and direct marketing campaign, you should have in mind something that you want to learn. Whether it’s testing a new list, trying a variation on an offer, a landing page with new designs and colors, you need to decide what each deployment will teach you about your customers.

Your digital and direct advertising is a laboratory for business insights.

Here’s a few ideas that should make you stop, think and learn.

Digital and direct marketing design conveys marketing messages before the intended recipients are conscious of reading even one word.

While thinking about customer benefits, let the graphics add its muscle, lead their eye into the benefits and the call to action.

The secret is in graphics that pull the reader in and make it easy – easy to see “what’s in it for me?,” easy to read, easy to respond.

Liven up your constructed marketing language.

Variety, surprise and a certain element of entertainment, seduce the recipient. That doesn’t mean “X rated – it’s using design creatively to make the selling sing.

If your content does not make many people sing, using good testing, these debates can be resolved by simply looking at the numbers. This is your customers’ way of telling you what they like and what they respond to. What they think about your digital and direct marketing is always more important than what you think.

Keep your thinking cap on means, test one item at a time. It may be tempting to test a variety of things in every campaign, but hold back and just try one.

Why only one you may ask? More than one, makes it impossible to know what element is responsible for changing your results. If you use a new delivery channel at the same time you’re trying out a new list, which change will affect your results?

By testing only one change per mailing, you can immediately see what causes your positive or negative results.

Try a too-for, or test against your “control.”

Your control is the digital and direct marketing message that has proven  to be a winner. Once you have a winner, you can test a new digital or direct marketing message, or the communication channel used against it.

This works like a contest, with the old and new competing against each other. If your control wins, you know you should continue using it. If the new piece wins, you know you might have a new control and should consider testing the new piece instead.


As you have already surmised, this is a testing discussion that may never end. Use your results to make decisions. There will always be a difference of opinion on creative issues such as how your message is laid out or look like, how long your copy should be, or whether it’s better to use one communication channel to a segment.

With good testing, these debates can be resolved by simply looking at the numbers. This is your customers’ way of telling you what they like and what they respond to. Remember, “what they think about your digital and direct marketing is always more important than what you think.”

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I have owned and operated a variety of businesses during my thirty plus years as an entrepreneur. Being a SMB, I have engaged with others to learn and understand how each one was operated. I have had an inquisitive mind my whole life. I have an associate degree in science, completed an apprentice program in carpentry, studied design at another college and received a four year degree in Marketing, and added a few post graduate classes as well. SMB's have used direct marketing and mail as their main channel of communications for many years. Now the swing of the pendulum of marketing has led many to the latest trends in digital marketing. Data drives all forms of marketing communication. However, raw data must be analyzed, segmented, profiled, measured and tested to make the data useful to marketing. Great direct marketing mail processing is like peeling an onion. There are many layers you unfold to get your desired results. The process is easy to understand, and once you learn it, you’ll see what the phrase, “a labor of love” really means. If you have a goal to learn more about your customers from each communication, you will see positive results stemming from each subsequent mailing. The people who complain the loudest about their results when using direct marketing mail is usually those that did not follow the process. Not following the process is like the baker who missed using the correct amount of yeast in a recipe for bread. She wasted a lot of dough. Learning and having the techniques and fundamentals of direct marketing is a valuable skill to have today. Direct marketing mail helps a SMB focus more on results while listening and learning what their customers want. What makes me different? I’m motivated to help every one of my customers use the right tools to meet their goals. In the present digital age, marketing coupled with technology is a skill set now in high demand. I have always embraced the use of technology with marketing.

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Number one rule: Do NOT send emails every day! Make your customers WAIT for your emails, look forward to them, wish you would hurry up and send one! It works for us! Our click rates are far above the CC average, and this is why. If you send too many campaigns, people delete without looking because they're too busy to unsubscribe.