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How to think like the most important business person you admire…

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Many small businesses today have a variety of methods to reach out to prospects and customers, by offering them an opportunity to purchase their goods and services. That’s the easy part.

Leading a successful small business is one-part learning, another part motivation, one-part teamwork and many unknown parts. These unknown parts are always scattered on the path toward your success.

Yes, the path you selected is riddled with many unknown challenges. Your reaction to a challenge defines your success or failure. I look at it as another bump in the road - a learning experience as you move toward your goals and objectives.

Here are a few ideas for you to ponder as you march down your path to success.

Meet the king.

Marketing automation was the “king on the hill” in 2017. Lower pricing attracted more people which let in more competition to compete with many marketing automation companies.

Other small businesses joined in offering a variety of apps to use with marketing automation. Most apps just didn’t pan out. The advances of technology always seem to move in stealth mode. Some think it will be faster in 2018.Leadership-web.jpg


Leadership comes from the top on down.

A business owner should be highly visible, hungry in capturing more customers, trolling for more prospects and loves to sell or have a capable partner in sales. Did I hear you say an outstanding personality is a big plus?

I've met with many business owners who had a great product or service, but lacked in marketing and selling skills that led toward their failure.

A good leader wants to learn more about their prospects and customers. What is the competition up to and what effects will it have on his business?  Where is the industry heading and how can this knowledge be a positive event as we prepare for the next quarter?

A leader knows there is a lot of data available to capture more marketing information, such as analytics from any marketing and selling campaign or program. A leader uses his vision by creating a goal to have a data driven marketing program, setting the table to convey more personalized messages that will create more interest.

As all this information starts to trickle down to the marketing and sales teams, this will lead to more and better data. For example, create better marketing content for each marketing segment and customer profiles. Yes, data is awesome.Teamwork-web.jpg


Selling and sharing solutions.

Solution selling, depending on your market, is a softer sale. Solution selling expertise comes easier based on the knowledge captured from data, customer service, inquisitive sales people, and even your competition. Successful companies almost always have a few stealth team members worth their weight in gold.

It may sound simple enough, but for starters, start small. You’ll need to use marketing communication that is of interest toward the appropriate market or audience, relevant to prospect needs, which they prefer.

Since this procedure is not a short-term process, many who have tried it, gave up too soon or neglected to collect the appropriate data. Using prospect and client information, can enhance your captured data, and increasing responses.

Getting started is always the hardest part. Happy customer hunting.

Let me know what you think.


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I have owned and operated a variety of businesses during my thirty plus years as an entrepreneur. Being a SMB, I have engaged with others to learn and understand how each one was operated. I have had an inquisitive mind my whole life. I have an associate degree in science, completed an apprentice program in carpentry, studied design at another college and received a four year degree in Marketing, and added a few post graduate classes as well. SMB's have used direct marketing and mail as their main channel of communications for many years. Now the swing of the pendulum of marketing has led many to the latest trends in digital marketing. Data drives all forms of marketing communication. However, raw data must be analyzed, segmented, profiled, measured and tested to make the data useful to marketing. Great direct marketing mail processing is like peeling an onion. There are many layers you unfold to get your desired results. The process is easy to understand, and once you learn it, you’ll see what the phrase, “a labor of love” really means. If you have a goal to learn more about your customers from each communication, you will see positive results stemming from each subsequent mailing. The people who complain the loudest about their results when using direct marketing mail is usually those that did not follow the process. Not following the process is like the baker who missed using the correct amount of yeast in a recipe for bread. She wasted a lot of dough. Learning and having the techniques and fundamentals of direct marketing is a valuable skill to have today. Direct marketing mail helps a SMB focus more on results while listening and learning what their customers want. What makes me different? I’m motivated to help every one of my customers use the right tools to meet their goals. In the present digital age, marketing coupled with technology is a skill set now in high demand. I have always embraced the use of technology with marketing.

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A great blog needs to be read for everyone who is working and managing a business. Thank you so much 

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Thank you for such useful post. Totally agree with you that: "A business owner should be highly visible, hungry in capturing more customers, trolling for more prospects and loves to sell or have a capable partner in sales." So being a leader means you must be the most influential person who motivate all the members in team to work towards a specific goals. Don't like a boss, a leader will be the one who comes in action

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Dennis - Thanks for your comments. When you look at the big picture of marketing and advertising in a small business, teamwork, with the potential pro's and con's, leads to better marketing and better results. Over time, someone from the team, becomes the "turn to person" that has the best feel for better marketing and advertising results.


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This is a useful blog for any one. I really need more Direct Marketing Success. Thank for sharing!

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Share and share alike. Helping some is better than helping none.Depositphotos_132701016_les.jpg