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Marketing Automation Will Help You Get To The Next Level

Solution Provider
Marketing Automation Enables Consistent Best Practices
You know what you'd like to do but manual efforts are totally inefficient, so you've decided not to leverage marketing principles for business advantage.  It's time for you to figure a way to change that inertia so you can make your company the best that it can be.  Otherwise, your company will need to follow a more challenging path in order to reach the next level.  Don't overlook the basics.
Wouldn't it be great if you could automate the mundane processes for customer and partner retention?  How about recruiting new ones?  If you could survey at different steps in the cycle, wouldn't you better understand how you're doing?  How many opportunities slip away due to weak processes for lead generation and nurturing?
MA enables you to deliver the right content to the right audience at the right time with a singular purpose in mind. This trumps broad brush email blasts and social network posts that are of no interest to 80% of their recipients, most of whom will unsubscribe after receiving a few of these uninteresting messages.
MA enables content marketing to be the theme for campaigns or surgically injected as 1to1 next logical steps such as surveys, or efforts to create, nurture or convert leads.  Use your CRM database to segment a persona defined target audience or filter your CRM system for the right demographics, psychographics, behavioral traits and firmographics.  Email and social networks can work together as your messaging media.
You don't need to be a large company to afford the benefits of marketing automation.  There are CRM and MA tools that fit within the budget of any size company.  If you first take the time to create the processes that are right for your business, you can then search for the right tools to make them happen.


I help small and midsize companies who are ready to grow to their next level. As their catalyst, I help them implement changes necessary for optimizing the customer experience. I also design programs for penetrating existing markets or opening up new segments, lead generation and nurturing, sales opportunity management, and client development. We leverage the right technology to automate these processes. We also author success stories and press releases. I am a Constant Contact certified solution provider since 2004.