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New Website Musts

Occasional Contributor

Check out the things that could turn your new website from good to great!


Good Domain Name

  • Short and easy to say out loud
  • .com is really the best
  • Try not to use hyphens
  • Choose a non-ambiguous name


Design Elements

  • H1 (header) contains your #1 keyword
  • Each page only contains one H1
  • H2 and H3’s contain your secondary keywords


Content Elements

  • Use 1-4 sentences per paragraph at the most
  • Use no more than 10 words per sentence
  • Use no more than 300-500 words per page
  • Incorporate bulleted or numbered lists wherever possible
  • Graphics/pictures are crucial


Overall, search engines tend to look more favorably upon your site if it contains any the following:

  • Copyrights
  • Privacy policy
  • About Us page
  • News Releases
  • Social media signals
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Higher page speed
  • Outbound links


Need to know more? Email me directly at or visit our website for more information.


Marta Gomez Frey

Collin Small Business Development Center


Marta Gomez Frey leads a team of consultants at the Collin Small Business Development Center. Frey learned the ropes of running a small business working at her family’s engineering design firm. Frey’s father handled the technical projects, while Frey focused on the business aspects of the company. Having graduated from Texas A&M with a degree in history, Frey received her business education from on-the-job training and community resources. She sought help from places like the Small Business Development Center to assist her in developing the company. Over 12 years, she progressed from an entry-level project manager to a vice president. Frey’s work with the family business led her to volunteer with various small business and minority business organizations. These experiences brought her to the Collin Small Business Development Center, where she started as a part-time counselor in 2000. In 2002, Frey joined Southern Methodist University’s Cox School of Business as assistant director of the Caruth Institute of Entrepreneurship, continuing her role of consulting new and growing businesses in North Texas, and developing education and recognition programs dedicated to small business owners. She returned to the team at the Collin SBDC in 2006 as director. Frey is eager to help new and existing area businesses, as the center offers free one-on-one counseling, low-cost or no-cost training opportunities, and access to specialize free research vehicles. Frey and the team of more than 15 consultants offer expertise in a variety of industries and in topics ranging from marketing to taxes to franchising.