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No Income Goals? Change the Way You Think About Money

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No income goals?


In this blog, we want to take a look at what inhibits people from making income goals and how to deal with overly idealistic "goal setting." Creative Partner Donna McGurk, in a recent conversation with Virtually Here, pointed out that many business owners have revealed they don't have any income goals.


But I don't like making goals.


Do you avoid making goals because that's just not how you plan...or is there a different reason? Are you intimidated by the possibility of never reaching the big number in your head? Have you set big goals before and face planted into inadequacy? Donna is a financial coach (see below for why that's a bit different than a financial planner) and she's found that the thing that most frequently holds back entrepreneurs from making strides in their income has less to do with their circumstances and more to do with the hidden narratives from the past that they have running in their head.

Is just thinking about money making you uncomfortable?


Read on for Donna's practical and personal approach to examining the barriers between you and truly healthy, motivating income goals.



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When asked what I’m most passionate about, my first response is FAMILY! Growing up with a sister with Down syndrome, and then later serving as primary caretaker for my mother, I have seen firsthand what happens when a group of people unite under a common goal. In the professional world, this concept of family is called networking. Just as a family becomes stronger when they work together, a business becomes stronger when people with individual skills work together. After working for 12 years in hospital administration, I started Virtually Here to provide a one-stop virtual shop for administrative and business support needs. Nearly six years later, I’ve expanded my role from virtual administrative assistant to prolific networker … making it my mission to cultivate a rolodex of experienced, highly talented creative partners ready to collaborate with my clients. Virtually Here is proud to belong to a number of prestigious organizations, including The International Virtual Assistants Associations (IVAA), New England Virtual Assistants (NEVA), and the Woman’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC). Even with this professional success, I’m still focused on family first. Most weekends you’ll find me with the people (and pets) I love, singing in an adult rock chorus, and attending plays, musicals, and concerts. After all, what good is professional success if you don’t have family to share it with?

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