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Project E: Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Solution Provider

By now we all know, or at least should be aware, that a successful social media campaign is a multi-faceted undertaking. However, when you consider the elements associated with using a social network—creating an account and posting content—the process of engagement can be exceedingly easy to underestimate. That is, it can be simple to carry an unsuccessful online presence by merely failing to entice people. In order to truly be successful on the various social media platforms, you undoubtedly need to go beyond just attracting followers; you must follow through and engage them.


Try New Anglessociale.jpg

When it comes to engaging the audience you have accumulated on various social media platforms, there really is no one-track approach. In fact, the more angles you try out, the more potentially engaging your presence may become. For instance, you may try attaching graphics to your posts for a period of time. If that does not work, or you simply feel like trying a different angle, you could try rewarding your followers for sharing your content, or offering additional incentives to boost your engagement. Trying new angles with your social media presence will also potentially lead to an influx in brand advocates, which can only help your cause.


Consistency and Monitoring

Surely you have heard that consistency is key, which is a philosophy that really holds true with social media. Your goal should essentially be to provide regular content to remind followers of your brand. In addition, you want to monitor how the frequency of your posts goes over with followers. For instance, if you are posting a couple times a week and getting a favorable response, you may want to increase your frequency to once or twice daily. In terms of consistency, there is nothing worse than posting sporadically and expecting to get results. Plain and simple: people can't follow your posts if the posts don't exist.


Social Media Platforms Are Not 'One Size Fits All'

Whether you are trying to create an engaging presence on as many social media platforms as possible, or you are simply focusing on the big ones, like Facebook and Twitter, under no circumstances should you recycle your posts across the spectrum. While you may be able to have some overlap in the content you post, it just is not possible to fit a lengthy status update from your Facebook page into a minimalist 140-character tweet. It is much better to customize your approach based on the social network. Doing so will only increase your engagement.


Have fun, be social!


April Heavens – Woodcock is the Managing Partner and Buzz coordinator of Touching Clients a Marketing Consulting Firm that specializes in Online branding. She works with small to mid-size companies to implement strategic marketing strategies to help their businesses grow from the inside out. She has been a business partner with Constant Contact since 2006. April is an Authorized Local Expert of Constant Contact who presents regularly on email marketing and social media throughout the New England area.