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Vacation Time? Time to pre-schedule your emails!

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Vacation Time? Time to pre-schedule your emails!

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Summer is here and, if you’re like me, you’re excited to take some vacation time to relax and recharge ­– but, what about your customers? I’ve said before that the lazy days of summer don’t have to be sluggish for your business, and summer is an ideal time to cultivate your relationship with your business contacts by way of bright, creative and appealing engagement.


I often work with clients to plan their email marketing calendar and, during this time of year, when routines are more variable, I appreciate my favorite Constant Contact tool even more: the scheduling feature.


The ability to pre-schedule communication with clients is invaluable when it comes to convenience and organization, and affords everyone the opportunity to enjoy some down time without lagging behind in communication and outreach. Here are some ways in which the scheduling feature makes email marketing like a day at the beach:


  • Plan email release dates and times in the future
  • Keep in touch with your customers when you’re out of the office
  • Control the timing of your emails based on your industry trends
  • Take advantage of Constant Contact’s “best time to send” recommendations to optimize open and click rates

As we speak, I am working on several emails for a client before she hits the road for vacation. Because they will be pre-scheduled, her time away will be far from “all work and no play!”


If you haven’t tried pre-scheduling your emails, this summer is a great time to experiment, and I would love to hear your thoughts on how this feature works for you.


Whether you are planning a vacation or staycation, enjoy!


Cathy Ann Drury

My NewsGirl


Founder of My NewsGirl, Cathy Ann Drury is a leading expert in email marketing for small businesses. As a Platinum Constant Contact Solution Provider, Cathy works with clients all over the continental US and abroad to create award winning sustained email marketing campaigns, as well as social media campaigns, event marketing, writing services and more. Cathy has over 25 years experience in marketing for the following industries: consumer package goods, theme parks and restaurants. She's also held various positions in many community volunteer organizations. These experiences have led to success in representing clients with email marketing needs. She creates sustained email marketing campaigns for all types of businesses including both business-to-business and business to consumer segments. Her writing skills and knowledge of creating sustained email campaigns have brought success to companies in the many industries including: residential remodeling, interior design, telecommunications, kids entertainment, real estate, health and fitness and more. Additionally, she's written website copy in these fields as well as numerous writing assignments for community organizations including local newspapers. In addition to being passionate about email marketing, Cathy enjoys running, cooking and being active in her Connecticut hometown.

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It is a little boring job but it must be done. Very agree.