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Happy Turkey Day! In recognition of Thanksgiving our Support office will be closed Thursday (11/23). We will be open Friday (11/24) for limited hours (10:00am - 6pm ET) and will be back to normal hours on Monday (11/27).

Member Blog – Marketing

How many of you just LOVE reading charts, graphs, and other metrics reports? I’ll bet I didn’t get many raised hands but probably got a few rolled eyes. It surprises me how few people look at reports, but I hope that today's article changes your mind.



{Read length: <4.9 mins} How can we improve the odds if we don’t measure what we’re doing? A leading indicator of positive results are our automated, systematic, and repeated actions. These include our marketing technologies (e.g., Constant Contact, and its autoresponder, and a new entrant automating testimonial marketing, Raviate, which is looking for private testers - email me). Our own repeated actions turn into habits. Inconsistent actions lead to inconsistent results.

As we improve our marketing habits & systems, we can better measure our results in these 3 ways:


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