It may be on life support!!!

During a recent webinar, I responded to an email in reference to a company website and what it is supposed to do for the business.



If summer is your slow season, it is in your best interest to use the "downtime" wisely by planning your marketing activities for the rest of the year. Here are a few things that you can do that will be worth their weight in gold during the upcoming months!



New Website Musts

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We visit with a lot of new entrepreneurs just starting their businesses.  Frequently, they ask what elements determine whether a website is good or not.  Although that question could be answered in a million different ways, these are some of the top tactics we recommend when creating your website.



Marketing and pickled peppers

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It’s not the next hottest trend in small business, but the final quarter of the year is getting close to reality. I hope you are ready?


The most important thing to know about

marketing from the viewpointTongueTiedCow.jpg of a business owner is that it touches every aspect of your operation. Everyone and every business process should be driven by the strongest desire to satisfy customer needs.



3 Ways to Sell With Social Media

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Are you looking for a way to go beyond Likes, Followers and Connections to sales with social media?

Have you heard that trying to sell with social media is a good way to turn off your community?

There are actually a few proven ways to sell with social media that you can use to complement your existing mix of engaging posts. Read on for details.


Letter writing.jpgHere’s why and how.

"Your story can be weaved throughout your marketing communications, provide assistance with your tactical choices and unifying your sales message. Building a compelling business story helps the whole company be consistent when communicating with customers, prospects and vendors. Re-visiting your business story once a year keeps it fresh and helps your organization create better business relationships. This is certainly a marketing task that everyone enjoys and is proud to be part of."

Mike Deuerling


Whenever I meet with a prospective customer, I ask a lot of questions and listen. It’s not my time to talk.


Reader – What kind of question is that? Certainly not. There’s gold in them there hills:

“Market consistently… Email often… Email during good times and bad!

Leave your marketing at work, working for your business to get more business.” Or as they said back in 1849…







Keep On Prospecting!


I publish informational content on direct marketing and sell it to companies in the print and mail industry as a co-marketing tool. All of my customers are small businesses.


I also work with many other small businesses in health care, not for profit, and associations in marketing communications and strategy building.


Recently, at a customer meeting, I was asked “What is my recipe for achieving success?”


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