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A/B Subject Line Testing

Occasional Contributor

A/B Subject Line Testing

While I like the idea of the A/B subject line testing, and it does seem to work, it destroys the statistics of the email as a whole.


If I use this feature, then my email results are split into 3, despite the fact that the rest of the content is the same. I can no longer use the click report, and I have to add and calculate all the data across the 3 to get an accurate picture of how well the email did with those that received it. Would be really fantastic if the stats didn't break up, or if there was a view overall option. 

Additionally, since I can't view the email as a whole, when I go to check the bounces and unsubs I have to check 3 different reports. 

I really like how CC is working (I've only used  in the past) overall, but this just seems broken to me.

Occasional Contributor

Re: A/B Subject Line Testing

Note: I just noticed that these emails are omitted completely from the reporting section which is a serious drawback in my opinion - I can't accurately see the impact of our marketing campaigns if entire emails are missing from the overall results.