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A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

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Re: Contact fields in "Add Contacts from File" import do not match fields in "Insert



I did some checking on the original issue. The original issue has been solved. If you are experiencing issues with adding contact details into an email please let us know. We would be happy to investigate further.

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How to use Custom field 1 instead of Contact First Name


how to use entries in "Custom field 1" instead of "Dear (Contact First Name),?"

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Re: How to use Custom field 1 instead of Contact First Name

He, what a **bleep** support here!

It toke me hours already and no solution!?


I wrote in each Custom field 1: "Sehr geehrte Frau LastName" or "Sehr geehrter Herr LastName".

This term I have to use for salutation necessarily!


How to arrange this?


Where to change what in HTML?


<table styleclass=" style_BlockMargin" style="margin-bottom: 10px;" id="textEdit" border="0" cellpadding="20" cellspacing="0" width="100%">
      <td styleclass=" style_MainText" style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: Trebuchet MS,Verdana,Helvetica,sans-serif; color: #567a26;" align="left"><var id="LETTER.BLOCK8.greeting" salutation="Dear" nametype="F" greeting="Greetings!" punctuation=","><b>Dear (Contact First Name),</b></var> <br> <br>
        <div>Your offer(s) should cover the basics - name of the product or service, price, terms of payment, time limit, any incentives or guarantees and of course, how to get it.</div>



Re: How to use Custom field 1 instead of Contact First Name


Thanks for posting. Are you working in a Constant Contact template or in a custom coded email? If you are working in a template you will just want to delete out the greeting and add in the custom field instead. 



If you have included the greeting as part of the contacts information than you just need to plug in the field. If you would rather, you can type out the greeting and then insert the contact detail. Like "Hello, (Custom Text 1)".


In the code you can change the "Greetings" phrase but you can't pull custom field information using the greeting.


<var id="LETTER.BLOCK8.greeting" salutation="Dear" nametype="F" greeting="Greetings!" punctuation=","><b>Dear (Contact First Name),</b></var> <br> <br>


<var id="block_LETTER.BLOCK5.subscriberData" nametype="SUBSCRIBER.CUSTOMTEXT1">Custom Text 1</var>


So you know in the future, the Community is designed to be peer-to-peer so moderators are not available to help with urgent support questions all the time. We will jump in if there is something that only we can answer or something another user can't help with. Support is available 7 days a week via phone, chat or email. 



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Re: How to use Custom field 1 instead of Contact First Name

Ok Hannah, understood the kind of support.


Unfortunately your code doesn't work for me. I will contact the support so that the problem will hopefully be solved.



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Email Single Contact from Web Application

I am new to Constant Contact and I've read through the API documents, but I'm still not sure how I would go about sending an email to a single email address.  Basically, I would like to generate donation acknowledgment emails so that each message would be personalized. 


If you could point me to the right place in the docs, or tell me if this is even possible with Constant Contact it would be greatly appreciated.





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Re: Email Single Contact from Web Application

Hi there, 



Welcome to Constant Contact! I would like to offer you some help with this question.


Would you be creating multiple emails that were different for each person? Or a generic email to all with the name of the person who donated autopopulated?  If you wanted to do it this way, each contact record would need to be updated to include the information you wanted to be autopopulated (ie. Name, donation confirmation, etc) that way you can use the Custom Details tool within the email editor. 


You would need to create a list with all of these contacts so that you could send out the donation acknowledgement emails to each person. 


You could then schedule you email to go out, but you would need to manually send these messages out to that list.




If you need additional information on this, do let us know, 


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Re: Email Single Contact from Web Application



Thanks for the reply.  What I'm trying to do is retrieve all new donations from Paypal on a nightly basis.  For each new donation, I'd like to have an email that allows me to specify the NAME and AMOUNT fields.  I would like this to be totally automated so that no manual intervention is required.  I can certainly do this easily using our existing mail server, but I was hoping that we could have someone create a nice template using constant contact.   In my initial testing, it seems that once a "campaign" is scheduled, you have to copy it to send it to other folks.  I'm looking for something that can be used over and over again... And perhaps more than once for a particular email address if that person donates more than one time throughout the year.


Most of our other mail will be a monthly newsletter, which must be manual.





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Re: Email Single Contact from Web Application

Hi there,


Thanks so much for explaining further what you are looking to do with Constant Contact. 


It sounds as if you are looking for an autoresponder that would go out to a certain group of contacts (giving donations through a 3rd party.) Our autoresponders send out after the first day a new subscriber signs up for your mailing list (or is added manually) but cannot be sent immediately at this point, or to contacts already on your Constant Contact list, unfortunately. New updates to this feature are being implemented within the next year that will be more robust and applicable to your goals here, however at this time it is not available. 


You are correct about a sent campaign needing to be copied to send another. If you were sending to individuals this way, I'd recommended creating an email folder to put all of these into as there would be alot.  But this wouldn't be done automatically, this would all require management.


If you are still looking to have a template made, we do offer Custom Design Services for a fee of $49-99 depending upon the design you're looking for, and that can be set up by calling Support: 866.289.2101.



I hope this clears up the question for you, and if you have further questions, please feel free to reach out. 



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Exporting from Constant Contact


I want very much to personalize my email campaigns. Using first names is a great way to do this. Unfortunately when I imported my contact list, I imported a "name" column which had first and last name in it. Is there a way to export my constant contact list to an xls file so I can sort it and resubmit it?