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A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

CTCT Employee

Re: Exporting from Constant Contact

Hello Erik,


You can separate the First and Last Name within Excel and then upload that file back into your Constant Contact account.  The first step is to export your contacts, you can do this by going to the Contacts tab, selecting your contacts (if you click in the checkbox next to Name it will select all contacts for you) then in the dark gray bar above your contacts click Export.  The export can take a few moments, but you will see it on your Activity screen (there is an Activity link below the gray bar).  When the export is complete you can click the link to "Download Export File." 


To separate first and last names, you can click on the link or here is a list of steps:  once you have the file open (it should open in Excel), you want to make sure there are a couple of blank columns after the First Name field where you have the full name.  You are then going to highlight the column (should be column A).  In Excel you are going to go to the Data tab at the top.  There is an tool called "Text to Columns" if you select this you can go through the Wizard.  You will choose delimited in step 1, and in Step 2 you will want to check off "Space" as a delimiter.  You can then hit finish as you will not need to complete Step 3.  This will then find any spaces (like between the first and last name) and shift the information into the next column, this is why you want blank columns next to the First Name field. 

Please note: When you perform this action if there is a middle initial for someone, or if someone has three words for their name (i.e Sr., Jr.) then this will create a column for every space within a name.  You might want to scan through your list after performing this action to make any corrections if needed. 


Once you have that new file you can then Update your contacts by adding contacts from a file, labelling the fields, and when on the page to add a list, you can either select your original list or check off that you are updating contacts. 

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Re: Exporting from Constant Contact

I want to export my contacts
CTCT Employee

Re: Exporting from Constant Contact

Hello @NancyD93


You can export your contacts by selecting the contacts, then clicking the Export button in the header.  From there you can go to the Activity page in order to obtain the downloaded file of your contacts.  Take a look at this FAQ for step by step instructions

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Mail Merge Contacts

Why can't I see all the fields I want merged into my email?
CTCT Employee

Re: Mail Merge Contacts

Hi Jan!


I'm sorry that you are having trouble seeing all the fields that you want merged into your email. If you are asking about inserting contact details I would check out this FAQ about inserting contact details. This shows you the correct way to find all of the different fields you can use in your email. You can use all different fields including custom ones!


If there is anything else I can do for you or if this does not resolve your issue, please let me know.


Melissa M
Community and Social Support Intern

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Not able to import a closing tag <a/> for use in a custom field

I'm working on—what we thought was a simple—email that has two buttons that sends an email address to our database for opt-in CASL requirements. Here's the scenario:


If I edit an existing contact to contain the data in my custom fields, it works beautifully. Test successful.


When I try to upload a flat file with the custom fields, it breaks. The import IGNORES the closing tag </a>. I was chatting with a tier 1 technician for hours on friday and her tier 2 didn't know what was wrong either. The only solution available seems to MANUALLY edit each contact and add the </a> as the data in the custom field. Impossible.


Here's what we've done:


URL: <a href="

CC2: &cc=2

CC1: &cc=1

Suffix: </a>


<Property name="Subscriber.Custom.URL" /><Property name="" /><Property name="Subscriber.Custom.CC2" /><img src="" border="0" style="margin-top:10px;margin-left:20px;" /><Property name="Subscriber.Custom.Suffix" />&nbsp;


<Property name="Subscriber.Custom.URL" /><Property name="" /><Property name="Subscriber.Custom.CC1" /><img src="" border="0" style="margin-top:10px;margin-left:20px;" /><Property name="Subscriber.Custom.Suffix" />


In other forum posts, I've seen link closing tag with other content, but the latest is from 2012 and perhaps something is changed. Any way we try to work around it, the import ignores the </a>. We've tried different combinations of data in the custom fields, and the </a> is always ignored.






Re: Not able to import a closing tag <a/> for use in a custom field

Hi Laz, 

I see you have an open case to our second level of support to look more into this. They will be the best team to help get to the bottom of why you can't upload with the tag included. 


If you would like to check the status of this case or even pass along an update you can do so from within your account. Click Help > My Support History and then choose to view all open cases from the drop down menu.


Thanks for posting!

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Custom Fields not uploading properly - missing data

I just wanted to post here so people know that the custom fields are not uploading all data correctly. We noticed this in our account because certain Contact Details were missing from an email we sent out and our members called with questions. When we investigated we found that when we imported our contact excel, 40% of the contacts didn't have the Custom Field 6 populated! I contacted CC support - and this was the answer they finally provided me with:


I am sorry to say but we are having an issue with custom fields uploading on existing contacts. It is an intermittent issue which our engineers are trying to resolve. I can open a case to our tier 2 so they can notify you when the issue is resolved if you like. Unfortunately at this time the only way to make sure they are correct and in is to do it manually.


We are doing a workaround and importing our custom data into a pre-existing field to see if this works. However IT IS NUTS that we have to do something like this. AND that an issue like this isn't made known to CC Clients. Everytime you upload a list they should warn you that there is a data integrity problem and your custom fields might not import for random contacts. My organization is switching email marketing providers anyway in the next month; if we weren't I would be looking for an alternative to CC -- and we've been loyal CC customers for 7 years.



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Re: Custom Fields not uploading properly - missing data

Hi Lauren,

I am very sorry to hear of all the frustration this caused. I see several cases in your account from interactions with support. We're happy to continue to help with the workaround until this is resolved although at this time I don't have a timeframe to share. 


It looks like you asked to be notify when this is resolved. I apologize again for the trouble.



Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Re: Custom Fields not uploading properly - missing data

Can CTCT state what the exact problem is so we can look out for it please?



With as many problems as you have been experiencing lately you really should be more proactive and transparent in letting your customers know of current problems you are aware of.  The problem described above is not trival and can seriously affect my customers.  I think a lot of us are starting to lose faith here.


The all too often heard phrase "our engineers are aware of it" should be augmented by "we made our customers aware of it" as soon as we knew about it. If you don't want to tell your customers all your problems please share the serious ones that include "customer data loss".