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A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

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Re: Subject Customisability

Hi Joe!


If you don't have any text in that custom field, it won't show anything.  So if you were to have in your email Dear "Custom Text 1", it would show Dear                     .


I hope that helps!

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Re: Subject Customisability

It does help, thanks very much Marissa

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Re: Subject Customisability

You're welcome!   I'm glad!

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Support Blog - Personalizing Emails with Custom Fields

Support Blog cropped.jpg



Today's Support blog post will have you Personalizing Emails with Custom Fields



Adding a personal touch to your email is easy when you're using Contact Details. By using contact details you add a special touch to your newsletter that will help connect you with your contacts.


Constant Contact makes this very easy. All it takes is just a few clicks. For assistance with this, Jaime McCall will walk you through the process in the post. If you already know how to add contact details and custom fields to your email, Jaime offers some great suggestions on how to best utilize them.


For the full post, check out - Personalizing Emails with Custom Fields


What creative ways have you personalized your email? Let us know by posting here in the Community or in the Comments section of the blog post.








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Automatic field within body of email

I'd like to add a field to my email copy that pulls in the company associated with each contact. Is this possible within Constant Contact? If so, can someone direct me to these step-by-step instructions?


Re: Automatic field within body of email

Hello Jason,

This can be done in the new wizard and is very simple to do, check out the following instructions:


You can use the contact details that you added manually or collected by way of your visitor signup box or a survey's  Collect Personal Information question to personalize your mailings. When you add a contact detail or custom field to a standard email template, the contact detail gets merged into the email when it is sent. As a result, you can send a single email to a list of contacts and the email will appear to have been written for, and sent separately to, each contact. For example, you might include the town and state or, a business could use a custom detail to note hobbies or recent purchases and then include that information in an upcoming mailing.

Note: The character limit for the contact detail is 50 characters.

To add a contact detail from within an email:

  1. Go to the block where you want your contact detail to display.
  2. Click the Edit icon Edit.
  3. Place your cursor where you would like the Contact Detail to appear.
  4. In the Insert section in the left sidebar, click the Insert Contact Details icon Insert Contact Details
  5. Select the desired Contact Detail or Custom Field # ("Custom Text").

    Note: Even if you have named your custom fields, these names will not appear in the "Insert Contact Details" menu; instead, you will see "Custom Field #." The Note field is not an option to add into the email.
  6. Click Save.


  • If no data exists in the selected property for that contact, the field will appear blank.
  • While previewing the email, the contact custom text fields will display as Custom Field #. The actual data in the Custom Field will appear only during a live send.
  • If a custom field contains a URL, it may not display as a clickable link but rather it will display as text.


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Re: Automatic field within body of email

Thank you Mike for your response. I assume these instructions are true for within a Constant Contact template?


We generally use custom templates, but I was wondering if there was a way to do it within the advanced editing/coding feature?


Re: Automatic field within body of email



Those instructions are true, for new wizard emails.

There is a way to use custom code and pull in custom fields, however you would have to use a XHTML template which in itself has its own challenges.

When you use an XHTML custom template, you will also need to make sure you have the correct link tracking per hyperlink.

Your open tracking tags to record opens and then code your custom fields correctly.

We have all of this outlined in our Advanced Editors Guide, please see the link below:


If you have any other questions let us know.





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Sending Emails to specific named people within a campaign - not just 'Dear customer...'

Hi - just looking through the API it seems as though we can only send an email campaign using 'generic email content' - which is fine for the message of the campaign but we want to personalise the email with the actual name of the recipient? Are we misunderstanding something or is that correct?


Appreciate any advice.



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Re: Sending Emails to specific named people within a campaign - not just 'Dear customer...'

Hi Daryl,


When you add a greeting to your email (Where it says, "Dear Contacts First Name), the contact's name will automatically populate when they receive the email, if you have that information in Constant Contact. To add a greeting to your email, follow these steps:


  1. Hover your cursor over the block you want to add a greeting.
  2. Click the Edit icon Edit on the block.
  3. Within the block, click where you would like the greeting to appear.
  4. Under Insert section on the left-hand side of the screen, click Greeting.
  5. Edit your greeting.


  • When sending a test email, the greeting will display the name listed in the Contact Information section under the "My Account" link of the account. When the email is scheduled to be sent out, the greeting will show the contact's name.
  • Here you can find additional information on how your customized personal greeting will work.
  • A personalized greeting can also be inserted in a custom HTML email as well.
  • If a prefix such as Mr, Mrs, Dr, etc is wanted then add them to the import file when uploading the contacts.


I hope this helps,


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