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A way to personalize? (ie mail merge)

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Using Personalized Images

Hi, we use some software to create personalized content, like images, video, media, etc. I know the contact details used in conjuction with the blocks, but what about using the contact details to use a personalized image?


We are migrating from another Email Marketing service in wich we could use the list field (contact detail) into the custome html code using %% (ex: <img src:"" width=...)


My question is: Constant Contact have any type of tool that we can use to make the images to change?



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Re: Using Personalized Images

Hi Edison,


It is possible to have different images appear in different contacts' emails, but you need to import the image URL as a custom field. Additionally, you will need to use HTML coding to allow for the custom field to appear as an image.


Here is the FAQ on how to do that!


I hope that helps!

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Property tag in a nest

I know how to do this: <Property name="Subscriber.Email" /> in a XHTML mail.


What if I want to put this in a tag, like this?


<a href="<Property name="Subscriber.Email" />">


This is wrong, but how do I make it right? What I'm trying to do is allow the customer to click on a mailto: in order to request something, and have the email address I know of the customer in the subject line.

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Re: Property tag in a nest



That's a great question! To create a dynamic link in a custom XHTML e-mail, the entire <a href> will need to be in custom fields and brought in like the Property tags you use in your example.


So for each contact:


<a href="

Would be in Custom Field 1. You would also need to close that tag so




Would be in Custom Field 2. And finally a closing tag:




Would be in Custom Field 3. After that, you assemble those Property tags like a puzzle in the XHTML:


<Property name="Subscriber.CustomText1" /><Property name="Subscriber.Email" /><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText2" />Text you want your readers to click on.<Property name="Subscriber.CustomText3" />


When the e-mail gets sent, those Custom Text fields will get replaced with your <a href> code and you'll have a dynamic link! It's a bit complicated, I invite you to give us a call if you would like us to explain in better detail or you can check out this video that helps explain it as well.


If you have any questions, let us know!




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Re: Property tag in a nest

Thanks, it's a bit of a hack, but makes total sense.


Something to add, then a question: since the Custom Fields are max 50 chars, I had to split up the first custom tag.


Also, how do you effectively add custom fields to every person in your database? I have 14,000.

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Re: Property tag in a nest



The best way I would do it is to export everyone to a spreadsheet, add the custom fields to it and fill in those fields for your contacts and re-upload. If you want a quick way to copy the same cell to all 14,000 of your contacts, copy one cell, highlight the Custom Field column, right click and choose Paste Special and hit OK.


You'll need to make absolutely sure your headers in that spreadsheet are exactly how the come into Constant Contact so Custom Field 1, Custom Field 2, etc.


Then simply re-import the spreadsheet. We will append that data.


Thank you so much!




Dynamic Content for email

I haven't found a difinitive resource / tutorial on creating dynamic content for email marketing. We currently send 3 (for the most part) content specific, biweekly newsletters via CC and would like to create 1 newsletter with dynamic content in order to avoid content duplication for our contacts. Some of the content is duplicated between newsletters.


Thank you!





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Re: Dynamic Content for email



What type of dynamic content are you looking to add? You can add Contact Details by following these steps:


  1. Hover your cursor over the block where you want your contact detail to display.
  2. Click the Edit icon Edit.
  3. Place your cursor where you want the contact detail to appear.
  4. On the left-hand side, click the Insert button.
  5. Then click the Contact Details icon Contact Details Icon
  6. Select the desired Contact Detail or Custom Field # ("Custom Text").
    Note: Even if you have named your custom fields, these names will not appear in the "Insert Contact Details" menu; instead, you will see "Custom Field #." The Note field is not an option to add into the email.
  7. Click Save.

I hope this helps,



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Re: Dynamic Content for email

Sorry, I should have provided more details about my use case.


The dynamic content would be in the XHTML Advanced Editor, and ideally eventually via the API.  It does not appear to support Dynamic Content the same way as through the Wizard  At the moment the only way I've found to put Contact details in the XHTML portion has been to use the property tag, eg: <Property name="Subscriber.Email" /> - which works well when not inside an XHTML tag,  - for links when I put 


<a href='<Property name="Subscriber.Email" />>Link</a>


It fails XHTML validation, which makes sense because it is invalid.  So I've been looking for a way around this, but haven't had much luck.  One person did have a way that sort of worked where the user would have 3 custom fields set, the first being the start of the link, the second being the unique contact value, and the third being the close of the link, so that the code in the editor would be something like 


<Property name="Subscriber.CustomText1" /><Property name="Subscriber.Email" /><Property name="Subscriber.CustomText2" />


Which, works but isn't sustainable if the links change or other content is added in a link, as the contacts would have to be updated each time they changed.


So, I got to the point of trying CDATA, which allowed invalid XHTML to be put inside the document and saved, however resulted in the email being sent out having invalid tags added.   I suppose the suggestion would really be that there be a way to add dynamic content inside a link or other tag in the Advanced Editor, but if that's not possible due to the XHTML system set up, stripping the cdata-section tags before mailing seems like it would provide a workaround.



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Re: Dynamic Content for email



Can you send me a private message with your email address? Our tier 2 reps have an email they can send you and also modify your account for adding Dynamic Links in an XHTML email.




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