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About to Use Characters


About to Use Characters

Hi, We will announce our compaigns to use constant contact but we have a little bit problem. We can't use the character of 'ş' also some Turkish characters. How can we solve this problem? Thank you...
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Re: About to Use Characters

Hi @BurakT 


You should be able to use 's' in your campaigns with us.  Are you pasting text in and receiving an error message?  how are you using the 's' character?


Also, unfortunately, Turkish is not a supported language within our system. Please check out our FAQ here for more information.


Thank you in advance!

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Hello, Some parts of the email result is is english and my public undertante portuguese. Thanks. Professor Ronaldo
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Re: Translatio

Hi @ProfessorRonalV 


I'm happy to help you with your language preferences. The editable text that you add to the blocks of your campaign can be typed in your preferred language portuguese.


There are some areas that are non-editable* where you can change the language within your account settings. Follow the steps below to change your preferred language:


  • Click on My Account > My Settings
    My Settings Toolkit.jpg

  • On the right under Other, click on the link English to the right of Language
    Change Language.png

  • On the Language Setting screen, choose your language from the dropdown menu
    Language dropdwon.png

  • Then click the gold Save button to save your changes

The non-editable text are the following:

  • the footer text
  • email privacy policy in footer
  • non-editable text on the Forward to a Friend form
  • buttons on the web sign-up form (Join My Mailing List)

SafeUnsubscribe will not be translated, however the pages that display once the button or link is clicked will be in your selected language.


Hope that helps!