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Account: SinksRx

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Account: SinksRx

I am having continuing issues when entering a contact who shares an email address with another one of my contacts. The new contact information overrides the existing contact info, and twice now it has deleted two people who happen to be employees of ours who share an email address with someone else in their family. 


This issue is absolutely unacceptable and has been discussed in detail with your team at Constant Contact and yet it keeps happening. I realize that your system has been changed so that you can only enter ONE contact per email address, but in our case, where we have several patients within the same family who share an email address, that just does not work for us.


We need to be able to over-ride this option and keep several contacts with the same email address, not only for the reason listed above, but we also send out birthday coupons and need to be able to keep the names separate. It doesn't make us look very professional when Jane gets an email saying Happy Birthday Jane, and it's really John's birthday month.


Can you please put me in contact with someone who can help me with this issue?


Thank you

CTCT Employee

Re: Account: SinksRx

Hi @ShelleyM023


Thank you for reaching out about your contacts! You are correct our system does only allow one contact per email. This feature is designed to update an existing contact to help eliminate any duplicate emails. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and would be happy to track this feedback in your account. As a work around I would suggest creating custom fields for your contacts. Through these custom fields you can add contact information for additional people with the same email.

Frankie P.
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