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Adding Columns

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Adding Columns

I have a template that I use for all of my emails that uses a single column as my body under a header block and a footer block. I've been able to get around this single column body by using a table within blocks to be able to do photos side-by-side text, but now I need two separate columns under my header logo for an upcoming email (email titled "anny") so that I may be able to change the background color of a single text block.


What is the code to change in the style sheet to accomplish this? I found a help doc to turn two columns into one, but I need the opposite of that. I have a sample email that expresses what I am trying to accomplish attached. Note the blue coupon on the right hand side is pretty much exactly what I am trying to do.




EDIT: I can't get the attachment to load so here is a link to a screenshot:

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Re: Adding Columns

UPDATED: June 2018


Templates in our Third Generation Editor can now also include columns through layout blocks.



I looks like you will need to put together a template that allows two columns.


Give us a call and a specialist here can look at what you have and recommend a two column template. Then we can help you move content from one of your existing templates to develop a new draft. The nice thing about this solution is then you would have a single column template and a two column template for added flexability.


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Mike Pulley
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Re: Adding Columns

Thanks Mike. Is there a place where I can submit an online request? That way I can include a visual description of what I'm trying to accomplish. I live on the Oregon Coast so I'm always missing your call hours.


Re: Adding Columns

Great question, we're open until Pm ET (Pm your time!) but I understand those hours don't work for everyone. We've got a support team who can help, too. Find all the ways to get in touch here. 



Hannah M.
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