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All our emails suddenly going to Junk after years of use

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Hi @Alanw102 


I apologize for any confusion my previous response may have caused. We are aware of this experience users are having with contacts in Outlook 365. We are also working with Microsoft's Support to resolve this. At this time we do have limited information in terms of the specific cause of the issue. We do however know that when customers report experiences like this directly to Microsoft, the issue tends to resolve more quickly as this is happening on Microsoft's end.


Re: Emails going to junk with Outlook



I have 680 people getting one report.  How do I mark it as not spam for 680 people.


By the way, I used to get 400 of those people opening it each day.   I had to send 65 people it directly from my own email because they blocked constant contact.   Now I have 240 people opening it each day because nearly 200 of them never even get it because you guys can't figure out how to make sure companies with Office actually have the emails get to the actual person so they can decide if it is spam or not.


I can't say that I have a high degree of confidence that you guys will fix this considering your responses show you either have no clue what the problem is or do not take the time to read.  


You looked in my account?  Did you happen to see what I just told you or are you just talking.

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Re: Emails going to junk with Outlook

Hi Frankie
I am just one department within a huge organization it would be like you asking me to change my spam filter at google. I have turned in an IT ticket. I tried changing my email in constant contact to a Interestingly that had a 15% open rate or 143 people but it was different people that received it then when I sent it from my
Also of note, when you send a preview to someone that IS NOT marked as spam what is the difference between the preview and the regular email? At this point I am learning that departments who use mailchimp are not having this problem I may have to switch as I can not afford to have the emails not received.