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Hello @DebbieH23,


We do not offer anchor links in our editor due to many email clients and devices no longer supporting them. I can see how this could be a useful feature for our customers but we want to have a product that works across all email clients and devices and having a feature that only works for a few is not desirable. I encourage you to view our post about why you should not include anchor links in your emails and what you can do instead to point your contacts in the right direction.

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Re: Anchor links

Honestly! This thread goes back to the beginning of the 3rd Gen Editor - CLEARLY there is a need for the return of the Anchor Links. Are we simply to small of a demographic to be worth Constant Contacts time? We invested our time and faith in you, and you've taken away a useful tool. I don't want to switch providers, but this is RIDICULOUS!


Re: Anchor links

Hi @SequoiaPFC


I can completely understand your want for this feature, and apologize it is not available in our Third Generation Editor. Because many desktop email clients and mobile email apps do not support these types of links we are still collecting feedback on re-implementing them. I have submitted this request in your account to the appropriate teams. I can see you have also posted your feedback on this in our Feedback board. All feedback in this board is read by Constant Contact employees, so thank you for sharing it there as well!

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Re: Anchor links

Add me to the long list of users who would like for anchor links to return. I started to create a new and fresh template yesterday for my newsletter, and have found that the new editor doesn't support the anchor links. I suppose I will just go back to using the old template. I've been a Constant Contact user for ten or more years, and this is the first time I have been truly disappointed in the product. 

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Re: Anchor links

I agree BettyB8 - I’m completely annoyed that I’m going to end up having to switch to  since they have an easy option for anchor links! But it means transferring all my graphics and forms and starting from scratch and that sucks!

Clearly CC doesn’t care, now you can expect the standard reply email from CC: “we understand and appreciate your wish for anchor links - however we believe that since many mobile users wouldn’t be able to use them, that you wanting them back doesn’t actually matter. We’re sure it would take very little time and effort on our part to bring them back, but have decided it’s not worth it to only benefit a small percentage of our clients. Thanks for your comment! “