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Approve new contacts


Approve new contacts

We would like to put a form on our site that allows viewers to sign up for our company newsletter. However we need to verify and approve them before adding them to our contact list. Is there a way to allow them to submit their request to recieve the newsletter that then awaits our approval?

CTCT Employee

Re: Approve new contacts



We do not have a way to set new contacts to be approved before they can be mailed to.  When someone signs up they automatically get the Welcome Email, and are added to the list that you have specified for the Sign Up Form.  (Please note if you would like you can deactivate your Welcome Email).


What you can do is set up a list for those contacts to go into, and then on a scheduled basis (i.e. daily/weekly) go in to check on that list and move them into different lists in your account.  As long as you do not schedule emails to go out to the list your new sign-ups are going to they will not receive any emails besides the Welcome Email.  This give you a little more control over who is joining the list, but does require a little more management to move them to other list(s) so they can receive the newsletter.  You can also set an email up to go out when you have new sign ups for your list, this might be helpful in determining a schedule to move contacts between lists.  


Here's some info on how to change the list contacts go into based on our available sign-up forms, and how to edit the Welcome Email.  


Hope this helps, 


Re: Approve new contacts

Is there a way, to have a new sign up choose from a list of newsletters and not only be added to that newsletter selected BUT also added to a default list that IS NOT a selectiuon choice?

CTCT Employee

Re: Approve new contacts

Hi Michael.


I'm happy to help you out today. Unfortuantely there isn't a way to have someone select a list and then be added to another list automatically that is not visible. If they have the option of signing up for certain lists they will only be added to the ones they sign up for. However, if you'd like, manually after they sign up for the indicated lists, add them to the default list of your choosing. However, keep in mind that this may not be consented if you add them to a list that they did not sign up for and send them communications that they did not consent to receive. For example, if they sign up for a sweepstakes only list, you shouldn't send them your monthly newsletter because of that. Only send them communications in regards to sweepstakes. 


I hope this helps! 

Melissa M
Community and Social Support Intern

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