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Due to an issue with YouTube, inserting videos in your emails is showing an error. Until they are able to resolve this issue, we recommend using a different video hosting service. We will continue to monitor this outage and update you as we have more information.

Broken Images

Occasional Visitor

Broken Images

I am trying to create an e-mail, but none of my images will appear in the e-mail preview. Instead I get an empty box with the broken image icon. I had no problems last week, it appears to just be today. I have not tried to send my e-mail yet because I do not want to send broken images. This is affecting both images in my library and images I just added today. I have used Chrome and Edge with the same results. How can I fix this?
Marketing Advisor

Re: Broken Images

Hello @RichardE8 You may consider running a speed test to check your internet connection. To run a test you can visit speedtest(dot) net and see if you have more than 2 mpbs. If you have a good connection and you are still experiencing broken images from appearing, can you please share the browser you are working with? I would recommend using either Firefox or Chrome. You can also always contact our support team as well to troubleshooting any issue by calling 855-225-1276 M-Thurs 7a.m. to 11 p.m. and Friday’s 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST.