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Can Somebody Remove the Constant Contact Banner from My Signature?

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CTCT Employee

UPDATED: March 2018


Many of the elements in the footer are required by law, including the ability for recipients to unsubscribe from your newsletter, so we are  not able to remove the entire footer from your emails.


If you are looking to remove the Constant Contact logo from the footer of your email, this is something that can be done very quickly at no cost to you if you are a paying customer. If this is the customization that you are referring to, call our support line and one of our support representatives will be able to assist you with this.


If you need further customization of the footer, our custom services team can work with you to make a custom footer. This is not a free service and costs $99. If this is something you are interested in please let us know and I would be happy to have our custom services team get in touch with you regarding this.


Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks.


How to remove logo "Trusted email from constant contact" from SafeUnsubscribe bloc

Hello from France,

New user with Constant Contact, my boss ask me to remove the logo "Trusted email from constant contact" at the end of each newsletter I try to create.

I can't find the option to manage the content of the SafeUnsubscribe bloc?

Can you help me please ?

Solution Provider

Constant Contact logo/branding

I really don't want the Constant Contact branding on my email. I don't want customers and competitors knowing the source of the email service I pay for and provide them.

Can I send out emails without CC branding?
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Valued Contributor

Constant Contact logo/branding

You can call or email support and ask them to remove the Constant Contact logo and the "Try it for FREE" tag line from your email footers. Constant Contact can do it for you, you cannot do it yourself. One request removes it from all future emails. You must be a paying customer, not in the trial period.

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Removing Constant Contact Logo and "Try it for FREE".

If you would like to remove the Constant Contact logo and "Try it for FREE" from the bottom of your emails Constant Contact will do it for you.  Call or email Constant Contact support.  Ask them to "Please remove the Constant Contact logo and the "Try it for FREE" tag line from our email footers". After my email request it took less than a day for it to be removed from our account.  It has been gone ever since.. They will only remove it for paying customers, not for those in a trial period.

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New Member

Constant Contact putting ads on my emails

I just started using constant contact and noticed that they are putting their own ads on my emails? How can they advertise on my emails when I pay for their service?
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Constant Contact putting ads on my emails

If your talking about the try for free and logo at the bottom of the email, just ask them to take it off, they will.
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Constant Contact putting ads on my emails

CTCT will remove their logo but you must be a paying customer in order for them to do that.
Joseph Grillo
New Member

Constant Contact putting ads on my emails

I am using the "try for free" and just asked the help desk to remove the CC logo, and the response was "when you become a paying member, we can do it". Thanks Constant Comment for letting me know ahead of time before i sent my first email to all my clients with your logo on it.

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how do you drop the constant contact logo

How do you drop the constant contact logo from the emails
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how do you drop the constant contact logo

As long as you have a paid account, give support a call at 1-866-289-2101 and we can remove it for you.



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