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Cant get the images loaded in campaign

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Cant get the images loaded in campaign

They are in my technology folder, but will not show up to load in the campaign email I was using for a test. It is driving me crazy as I have been working on this all day, since noon, and it is now midnight.
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Re: Cant get the images loaded in campaign

Hi @BillA376 


Thanks for posting! I took a look at your account and I see that the files within the Technology folder are all PDFs. In order to insert a PDF into your email that is in your Document Library, you want to be in your campaign > in edit mode for the block where you want to insert your PDF Link ( you can only insert a pdf as a link to your document library with us) > then on the left under the Insert header, choose Document Link > choose the document you wish to insert and edit the Link Text at the top of the overlay screen.


Then click Insert at the bottom.


Hope that helps!