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Chat not working and formatting issue


Chat not working and formatting issue

Why won't the chat function work anymore?? A few months ago it was great, I used it a couple times, so handy. But I've had an increasing amount if issues I would love to resolve in a minute by chatting with someone, but no, it is just a blank screen. 

One major issue I have is formatting, when I'm editing in Constant Contact, it looks great. When I send a test email to myself, there are massive spaces in between paragraphs, and usually a random "1" or "2". Why is that? How can I fix it, when in the editing there is nothing I can change? 

CTCT Employee

Re: Chat not working and formatting issue

Hi @ShawnO539,


We're sorry you weren't able to reach Customer Support from our Chat channel. Please note that our programmers are currently collecting feedback on this and I'll forward the details of your experience. In the meantime, we're glad you reached out here!

It sounds as though you're experiencing problems with the formatting of the text. Are you by chance copying and pasting text from another source such as a document, website or email? If that's the case you'll want to paste any copied text into a text editor to "strip out" the code that's also being copied over. Here's a very helpful resource on the steps to take. By pasting clean, unformatted text you shouldn't see any additional spacing or added characters in the preview/test.


Nichelle M
Community & Social Media Support

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