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'Company' not being listed

New Member

'Company' not being listed

Appears that the Company name is NOT be imported for records that were once in my CC mailing list but subsequently deleted. That is.... I've been having numerous problems today trying to load a test mailing into CC (see my log :)). Part of the problem SEEMS to stem from the fact that CC is NOT truly deleting records when it should, so when I UPLOAD the same records again, it really is UPDATING. Thus, for records that seem to have some problem with the Company field in CC, I cannot simply DELETE the record, then UPLOAD the record again into CC. That is, CC is really still looking at the old CC recorded (which should have been deleted). To test this, I've found that records I've added to the UPLOAD FILE since early in the upload process WILL show me COMPANY name, while those legacy records won't. Help! Need to send a test email out this afternoon. Thx
CTCT Employee

Re: 'Company' not being listed

Hello @TedC498 , 


We do have a couple of issues around Company Names listed for Contacts currently.  If the company contact was deleted from the account, then the company information under contacts will not work properly, as the contact that holds all company details is no longer existent.  If you have deleted those company contact, this is most likely the issue that you are running into.  If you have not deleted the Company Contacts, then you are likely running into the issue that Company Names are not updating for contacts that have existed within your account (even if the contact is deleted).  


Currently the workaround for both of these issues are to upload the Company Name into a different field under the contact details, for example a custom field.  You can then use this information to search contacts and insert into emails.  


If you have any questions, or would like to be notified when the above mentioned issues are fixed, feel free to reply to this post.  If you need immediate assistance, please contact support here.